What is 975pro?

975pro.com is a community based incentives reward platform to empower members financial world by merging the best of Reward-based crowdfunding methods and the power of networking platforms in today’s rapidly changing era to Networking Age (Relationship Formation). {We’ve past Information Age which is the accumulation and usage of data age}

How does it work?
Anyone can be invited by an existing member to participate by contributing a certain amount which in return will be duly rewarded with a 5% Incentives every 9, 7 or 5 days continuously depending on the total invitation contribution volume on a calculated date.

What if after contributing and did not received the 5% returns?
975pro.com works on a “Limited Entries Algorithm” methodology that will safeguard every participants contribution. If the Algorithm calculated less than 5% Incentives pay-out at a particular cycle, then this system will return the principal contribution to the participants. After that it’s up to the participants to re-contribute again in order to enjoy the incentives continuously or otherwise.

Why crowdfunding?
Crowdfunding is the creative and newest way of raising small amount of money from a large group of people who’s interested or passionate about helping a cause, contributing towards empowerment of living standards or change the world to become a better living place to those around them. This trend is fast catching up in this era of “relationship formation, interaction and socialising across borders”.

Why networking?
Networking has been proven to be the best model of spreading “something good” by referrals either by word of mouth, social media, internet or any other methods of socialising and interaction. Those active participants who knows how to capitalise on this interaction activity that will be crossing borders and nations will definitely be rewarded richly monetarily and can even retire early.

So how can you benefit?
Once you’ve been invited by an existing participants, you’ll be able to enjoy 1) Passive Incentives of 5% every 9, 7 or 5 days respectively. (Refer to web info)
2) Active Incentives: Using the 3 I’s formula towards successful & an early & enjoyable retirement, i.e. Invite, Incentives, Interaction. When you’re able to Invite participants to join in, then you stand to enjoy massive Active Incentives continuously from your group by your Interaction and therefore able to plan your retirement days earlier than expected and enjoy life to the fullest that you’ve been dreaming of.

What should you do NOW?
Please get In touch with the person who has Invited you and start enjoying the passive Incentives immediately and if your dream is big enough, then you can learn on how to Interact with your contacts with our unique and rewarding platform to create a continuous, massive Incentives to enjoy your early retirement.

We look forward to your participation in not only helping yourself and us BUT through your contribution, interaction and togetherness will function to create a better living place for everyone around us as well as in fuelling the economy for an even better innovation and prosperity world.

什么是 975pro 共享平台?

975pro.com 是一个概念,通过财富共享,让一个普通人也可以轻松简单工作一年后,实现提早退休,美梦成真的机会!

975pro 全球财富共享的理念是,让每一个小钱,通过共享,累计出无限的收入!

975pro 结合了众筹,循环,倍增,吸引力法则,逻辑,再加上全球即時简讯系统,终于让所有加入了的伙伴,信心满满,大家眾志成城,再创高峰!